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Network Terms

Mountain Beam Open Internet Service Provider Disclosure Statement

Network Terms

Providing quality Wireless Broadband Service requires that we take steps to provide reasonable management of our network.

To manage congestion on our fixed wireless we rely on dynamic traffic shaping mechanisms to make more efficient use of available bandwidth and to improve the quality of the customer experience.  Our traffic shaping and prioritization techniques do not benefit affiliates or edge providers, but rather to optimize service and to promote efficient usage.

We have in place congestion management practices designed to reduce or eliminate congestion on our networks.  Multiple users share upstream and downstream bandwidth on our networks, and we apply congestion management techniques when users place a disproportionate demand on this bandwidth and on the capabilities of our network, thus potentially degrading the experience of other users. Typically on our networks these practices occur infrequently based on disproportionate consumption of network resources.  In many cases, the end user’s experience is unaffected, although in some instances customers may experience longer times to download/upload files, slower response during web surfing, and/or lags in playing games online. If a usage pattern is excessive, we ask that the user either upgrade their service, reduce their pattern usage, or investigate common speed issues at the user’s site. If the user chooses neither of these options, Mountain Beam reserves the right to terminate the user’s service and/or account.

We have no restrictions on the types of devices that may attach to our network or any approval procedures for devices to connect to our network; however, customers must comply with our service terms.  Our advertised speeds are not guaranteed for the reasons described in this statement, but they are projections based on normal operating conditions.  

Customers on a no contract service plan are assigned a public IPv4 address.

We do not block any VPN service. We encourage the usage of a paid VPN tunnel for your privacy and public IP address needs.

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