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Webpage Last Updated 06:18:04 AKT
Client Inside Our Network False
Authentication Server Online True
Transmitters Online 55/55

Feb 24 2024 13:01: Ester: 16,17,18,19,20 --> renamed 56,57,58,59,60
Feb 24 2024 13:01: Gilmore: 24,15,26,27,28 --> renamed 01,02,03,04,05

Transmitter Status Last Outage
Ester-41 ON 02d
Ester-42 ON 02d
Ester-43 ON 02d
Ester-44 ON 02d
Ester-45 ON 10h
Ester-50 ON 02d
Ester-51 ON 02d
Ester-52 ON 02d
Ester-53 ON 02d
Ester-54 ON 02d
Ester-56 ON 02d
Ester-57 ON 02d
Ester-58 ON 02d
Ester-59 ON 02d
Ester-60 ON 02d
Ester-80 ON 02d
Ester-81 ON 02d
Ester-82 ON 02d
Ester-83 ON 02d
Ester-84 ON 02d
Skyflight-31 ON 02d
Blackberry-65 ON 02d
Blackberry-67 ON 02d
Blackberry-70 ON 02d
Blackberry-91 ON 02d
Blackberry-93 ON 02d
Blackberry-94 ON 02d
Moose-16 ON 02d
Moose-17 ON 02d
Moose-18 ON 02d
Moose-20 ON 02d
Moose-21 ON 02d
Moose-22 ON 02d
Moose-23 ON 02d
Moose-24 ON 02d
Moose-25 ON 02d
Johansen-10 ON 02d
Johansen-11 ON 02d
Johansen-13 ON 02d
Johansen-14 ON 02d
Johansen-15 ON 02d
Crestline-01r ON 02d
Gilmore-01 ON 02d
Gilmore-02 ON 02d
Gilmore-03 ON 02d
Gilmore-04 ON 02d
Gilmore-05 ON 02d
Birch-32 ON 02d
Birch-33 ON 02d
Birch-34 ON 02d
Birch-35 ON 02d
Birch-36 ON 02d
Birch-37 ON 02d
Birch-38 ON 02d
Birch-39 ON 02d
ON=Online, OFF=Offline, s=seconds, m=minutes, h=hours, d=days, timezone=AKT
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