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Reliable. Local. Internet in Fairbanks Alaska since 2020. No data limits. Up to 48 Mbps. Flexible pricing & no contract.

How It Works

See it.

Step 1: (Can you see a tower or one of the many hills around your home?)

Text Us pictures now.

Our system beams amazing speeds but requires a direct line of sight to a nearby tower. Some tree clearing or a mast might be needed.

Check out the coverage map below to see your closest tower.

Build it.

Step 2: (Ready to order some goodies & follow a step-by-step set up guide?)

There are a few pieces of equipment to purchase and set up.

We have step-by-step installation and set up videos & pdf’s available for download at link below and are available to help each step of the way.

Beam it.

Step 3: (Are you connected to our network and paid up?)

Load up your account with credits and start beaming and streaming!

With no data caps or decrease in speeds, Mountain Beam is perfect for watching, zooming, and gaming!

Our Towers

7 Towers: Ester Dome, Moose Mountain, Birch Hill, Gilmore Trail, Blackberry Dr, Skyflight Ave, Johansen Expressway

Shopping List for Parts

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